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Post by Almighty Titan on Mon May 20, 2013 3:12 am

Please be nice and follow the rules in order to keep the harmony in this SnK Forum~~! <3
Breaking any of the rules will result in a warning the first three times. The fourth time will result in a ban of 2 weeks and the fifth time will result in a ban of 1 month. If you break the rules more than 5 times you will be permanently banned.

No double accounts.

Double accounts are forbidden for the sole reason of preventing spamming and/or trolling.
You can request a username change here.


1. No bashing: Bashing/flaming any characters/mangaka/manga is prohibited.

2. No hate: Verbally insulting or harassing another member is prohibited.

3. No racism, discrimination and homophobia: This speaks for itself.

4. No trolling: Trolling even if for fun is forbidden.

5. Accept each other's viewpoints: Bashing or hating on someone for having a different viewpoint than yours will bring no one good. Therefore it is correct to have a discussion without insulting another member.

No double posting.

Double posting is seen as a form of spam and is punishable. If you have anything else to add to your post, simply edit it.


Any spoilers from the manga/anime/movies should be put under the Spoiler tag. Here is an example for those of you who don't know how it works:

[ SPOILER ] Type in here whatever you want to put under spoilers [ / SPOILER ]

Now remove the spaces and you get something like this:

Type in here whatever you want to put under spoilers

No duplicate threads.

Please refrain from creating threads with similar/same content as already existing threads as this helps to keep the forum in a neat state.

Signature size.

Keep in mind that wherever you post, users will be able to see your signature. So in order for it not to disturb other users we will kindly ask of you to keep it as close as 450x450 as you can.

Large images/posts

If you have a large image to show, or if you have a large post then please put it under the spoiler tag.

Adult content.

This is a family forum and therefore it is strictly forbidden to post anything unappropriate.
*Breaking this rule will result in immediate ban.

Foreign languages

We are here to discuss about Shingeki no Kyojin altogether, and it would be better to do it in a language that everybody will understand. If you really insist in discussing stuff in another language then you are free to do so in the Multiculti corner.
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